Edge Stoneworks’ Resources for the Best Countertops

Installing a new countertop is a strenuous process. You’ve chosen a butcher block countertop you love, but where do you start when it comes to installation? Once the kitchen remodel is complete, what maintenance do the new countertops need? These are excellent questions that our Springfield, MO kitchen countertop experts answer all the time at Edge Stoneworks. That’s why we’ve provided our customers with several resources that will make the entire process of installing countertops less of a headache. Browse the following resources or contact us with additional questions.

Measure Your Countertops Correctly the First Time

Requesting a quote is often one of the first steps to upgrading your home with new countertops. However, before you can obtain an accurate quote, you’ll need to know the measurements of your countertops. Edge Stoneworks features a short guide to ensuring your measurements are correct. Without proper measuring at the outset, you’ll encounter problems that waste time and money.

Mark Off All Items on the Template Checklist

Creating a template is a crucial process that kicks off the design and installation process for kitchen countertops. Our team will visit your Springfield-area home and create a template that accounts for dimensions, sinks, stoves, and more. Before the Edge Stoneworks team arrives to begin the template, read up on our process and what you can do to prepare.

Prepare in the Days Leading Up to Installation

Before our team visits your home to begin the countertop installation, there are several steps homeowners need to take to prepare. Cabinets, plumbing, and electric all need to be addressed for an installation to go smoothly. Study our countertop pre-installation checklist to ensure you have everything covered before Edge Stoneworks’ team arrives at your home.

Understanding the Countertop Installation Process

If you’ve never had countertops installed before, it can be nerve-wracking as the installation day approaches. Many of our customers ask us how to prepare their Springfield, MO home for their new countertops. Our guide, “What to Expect at Installation,” aims to put your fears to rest. It outlines how the installation process will work, whether we’re installing a sink or quartz countertops.

Edge Stoneworks Answers Your Questions

If you have a question at any point in the countertop design and installation processes, feel free to ask our friendly staff. The team at Edge Stoneworks hears many good questions from the Springfield, MO community. We’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions in one convenient place.

Countertops That Look Brand-New for Years to Come

Your lovely white granite countertops have been installed—now what? Make sure you keep up with regular maintenance to ensure your countertops will look pristine even as they age. Read up on our tips to keep your countertops in top shape.

Choose Edge Stoneworks for Countertop Installation

Now that you have all the information you need on countertop installation, care, and more, it’s time to get your remodel started! Try out our virtual designers and peruse or selection of natural and engineered stone. If you’re ready to get started, visit our Springfield, MO location, or give us a call.