Countertop Template Checklist

Countertop installation helpful checklist

Congratulations on the purchase of your new countertops! We have provided a simple checklist before we come template to ensure a smooth and easy installation process.  Please note that countertops are usually installed at the end of any remodeling, so if you are purchasing new flooring, appliances or cabinets, those things should be purchased and/or installed first.

  • Before we template we more than likely need your old countertops removed. Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered and will assist you!  If new cabinets are part of your remodel, they must be installed & leveled in their permanent position before we can template.

  • All fixtures (sinks, faucets, cooktops/ranges, tubs, soap dispensers, hot/cold water dispenser) must be at the job site on the day of templating. Apron or farmhouse sinks must be installed prior to the date of template.

  • We require a decision maker to be on site (unless other arrangements have been made) to approve the templates and make decisions regarding all pertinent details (such as overhang, corner styles, radius and bump-outs ) There are many small details to consider and we want to make sure you get exactly what you are expecting!

  • If after the template you want to view your layout on the slab(s) an appointment will need to be made beforehand and within 1-2 days after template. We encourage this with granite that has a lot of movement and/or if you have a large Island and want to showcase a particular part of the slab.

A template is what we use to fabricate your countertops and the most important part of the process. Any changes made after template that affect our dimensions may not only change the price, but also cause an extended delay in fabrication and installation. Please call us within 24 hours after template if there needs to be any changes made, as we may have to come out and re-template. There will be an additional charge for any additional trips unless prior arrangements have been made within the scope of the project. One the project has gone into production no changes will be allowed.

Thank you for purchasing your GraniteQuartz or Marble Countertops from Edge Stoneworks!

We look forward to working with you and we are here to answer any questions you have.

Please see our Pre-Installation checklist list to prepare for your Installation!