Test Out Countertop Edges in Springfield, MO

Edge Stoneworks’ Premier Edge Visualizer for Countertops

Choosing the perfect countertops is rarely an easy process. You have numerous factors to consider, from stone and durability to color and texture. However, many homeowners overlook a crucial design factor: the edges. Your countertop’s edges can make your surface unique and contribute to the aesthetic of your space. Whether you’re looking for new kitchen or bathroom countertops, Edge Stoneworks is your partner. We help Springfield, MO homeowners design their new countertops down to the last inch. Once you’ve chosen the perfect material and style for your space, we’ll help you select the best edges to complete your countertop. You have lots of options, so let us walk you through them!

Learn More About the Edge Visualizer

Before you commit to a certain countertop edge, be sure to utilize our edge visualizer tool! This program helps you get a better idea of what your edges will look like in real life. While looking at the edges’ side profiles is helpful, this still doesn’t give you an exact idea of what to expect. With this tool, you’ll know how your countertops will look before you make the purchase. Our team is dedicated to making sure you receive the exact aesthetic you wanted from your countertops, so be sure to ask our team for recommendations on which edges will look best in your space.

Discover the Edge that Best Fits Your Countertops

Using our edge visualizer, you can browse over a dozen different types of edges. Some lend themselves to sleek, modern looks, while others are better suited to elegant spaces or classic aesthetics. You’ll have your pick of any edge that you feel matches best with the rest of your bathroom or kitchen. However, keep in mind that some edge profiles might not be well-suited to certain countertop materials or thicknesses. Our team will let you know if your preferred countertops will work with your edge selection. Edge Stoneworks offers the following profiles:

  • Eased: This edge gives you a classic look with sharp angles and a clean appearance.
  • Waterfall: What something modern? Consider the waterfall edge that extends your countertop material down the side of the base.
  • Bevel: This option lends itself to a classic appearance but adds some flair with a slight slope.
  • Half Bullnose: This rounded edge is perfect if you love soft lines and subtle design.
  • Double Radius: If you’re interested in eased edges, but don’t love the sharp angles, this is the option for you.
  • Bullnose: Take the double-radius edge a step further with even more rounded lines.
  • Double Bevel: Get the best of traditional design and modern flair with this subtle edge.
  • Classic Ogee: Evoke a sense of luxury with this edge. The class ogee option dips down into a sloped edge for an elegant feel.
  • Step Half Bullnose: Similar to the classic ogee, this edge dips into a slope. However, this edge features a steeper drop off and harder lines.
  • Bevel Bullnose: This sloped edge features both clean lines and more subtle curves than the eased edge.
  • Double Ogee: Take luxury a step further with the double ogee, featuring curved lines and several waves.
  • Triple Pencil: At first glance, this edge seems much like the double ogee. However, this option appears more symmetrical for homeowners going for a more geometric look.
  • Dupont Bullnose: Like the classic ogee, the Dupont bullnose edge can make your kitchen or bathroom appear more elegant.

The Many Benefits of a New Countertop

Why should you invest in brand-new stone countertops? You probably use your kitchen and bathroom countertops every day, and that means they likely get lots of wear and tear. Over time, this damage can leave your countertops looking dull. A new countertop from Edge Stoneworks will restore the beauty of your space, as well as allow you to flex your creative muscles as you redecorate to match. When properly maintained, you’ll get years of use out of your new granite or marble countertops, and if you decide to sell your home, you may find an increase in your property value.

Ready to Reimagine Your Kitchen or Bathroom?

Have you decided on the perfect edges for your countertop? Contact the team at Springfield, MO’s Edge Stoneworks. We’ll help you decide if your edges are a good match for the material and thickness you want for your countertops. If everything fits well, we’ll start talking about the installation process. Get started on your dream kitchen or bathroom with brand-new countertops from our experienced professionals.