Granite Countertop Options in Springfield & Ozak, MO

Ask the Team at Edge Stoneworks About Countertop Colors

Have you fallen in love with granite countertops? Perhaps you aren’t sold on a material yet, but you have it narrowed down to a few varieties of natural stone. Wherever you are in your design process, Edge Stoneworks is here to help. We provide an array of granite countertop options, and at least one is sure to strike your fancy. Our team is made up of experts in home design, as well as installation, so we check all the boxes for a countertop provider. We can point you to the best granite slabs for your style, or we can get to work on the installation process for your favorite material. If you’re hung up on which granite option to choose for your Springfield, MO home, reach out to our friendly staff. We’re happy to explain the benefits of selecting granite countertops, and our team can walk you through your options when it comes to choosing color, texture, and style.

Why Choose Granite for Your Kitchen or Bathroom

It’s no secret that granite countertops have come in vogue in recent years. Homeowners are seeking out brand-new granite countertops to replace their old, lackluster ones. But what makes granite so appealing for homeowners across the United States? Here are just a few benefits of opting for granite countertops:

  • Durability: If you know a thing or two about countertops already, you’ve probably heard about granite’s incredible durability. Homeowners far and wide sing the praises of this natural stone, as it can stand up to most wear and tear. Beyond maintaining its shine after constant use, granite also holds up against nicks and scratches from knives.
  • Luxury Aesthetic: Granite has become synonymous with luxury. Installing granite countertops results in an air of elegance in your space, no matter which design you choose.
  • Design Options: Granite doesn’t only come in earth tones. While you’ll find your fair share of browns and taupes, you can also find shades of gray, bright whites, deep blacks, and many more bold colors such as green, burgundy, and blue.
  • Heat Resistance: Whether you’re looking at granite for your bathroom or kitchen, heat resistance is crucial. Granite has been known to withstand heat from hot pans, hairdryers, and much more.
  • Stain Resistance: Few people look forward to scrubbing down their countertops. Luckily, properly-sealed granite eliminates the need for deep cleaning. With incredible stain resistance, you won’t have to worry about permanent blemishes on your countertops.

Explore Your Options for Granite Countertops

You have no shortage of styles and aesthetics when you browse Edge Stoneworks’ inventory of granite countertops. Our natural stone slabs come in all textures and colors, none exactly like the others. Some of our favorite granite countertop slabs include the following:

  • Agatha Black: This rich black granite countertop is perfect for any contemporary kitchen or bathroom. With streaks of gray throughout, it’s an excellent way to add modernity to your space without darkening the room too much.
  • Blue Bahia: Get creative with your countertop choice! Opt for the light blues and golds of the Bahia Blue slab. This granite can act as the centerpiece of your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Giallo Verona: For a classic granite look, check out our Giallo Verona option. Off-white with browns and grays throughout, this material gives you the traditional elegance granite is known for.
  • Mystic Spring: Brighten up your space with this light white granite. You get the best of both worlds—a bright countertop with veins of dark gray to keep your design grounded.

Our Team Can Help Your Granite Countertop

No matter your style or aesthetic, Edge Stoneworks has a granite countertop for you. With so many options, you’re sure to find the material that perfectly completes your kitchen or bathroom. Need help choosing the right one? Our team will sit down with you to discuss your preferences and vision for your space. We’ll recommend the best quality granite for installation in your Springfield, MO home. If you aren’t satisfied with a granite option, we’ll point you to our marble and quartz products. If you’re ready to revamp your kitchen or bathroom countertops, contact our friendly staff today.